Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More From Coal Park

Remember that squirbit (the freaky squirrel/rabbit combo) a few days ago? These pictures were taken at the same park. Inside the west gate there was a large paved area with Chinese music playing. Most of the people were doing a synchronized dance (think Macarena but much more stylish). Around the edges there were couples doing their own dances.

We have come across this before. After dinner one night we walked by the People's Liberation Army Theater (I am not making that name up) and there was a stereo out on the side walk and about 4 middle aged couples dancing. It seems to be quite the thing to do.

These are persimmon trees with lots of ripe persimmons hanging from the branches. When they become overly ripe, the suckers just fall off, smack onto the ground with a very moist sound, and sort of explode all over the place. They become very soft when fully ripe, with a texture similar to pudding. We have one in the fridge right now. A ripe persimmon, that is; not one that fell off a tree and splattered all over the ground. Those ones are not so good for eating, though it is possible squirbits would take exception. Assuming we become motivated, a picture of that persimmon will be added to this site :)


Clay said...

Plague of Squirbits... fear the onslaught when they start doing the Chinese Macarena...


MattR said...

Be careful of those squirrel things. I just found this article on the BBC. A bunch of squirrels attacked and killed a large stray dog in a park in Russia recently.