Saturday, November 26, 2005

More From This Weekend

Starting with Michael and Cara in the back and going clockwise around the table, these are the names of our guests in the picture in yesterday's blog:
Paul, Natalie (who can also be seen in such blogs as forbidden-city), Patty, Yasmin, Gwynne, Jenny, and Anthony.
Please excuse any misspellings
As fellow cooks of the great feast, Jenny and Anthony will henceforth be referred to as J&A

Dinner menu (the picture of the table is actually from J&A's camera):
- Deep Fried Turkey (see J&A's page for some great action shots of Anthony out on our balcony with his brand new Chinese frialator. This is a very serious fryer, which held a full turkey along with over 32 liters of oil.)
- Roasted Chicken
- Mashed sweet potatoes made from hot sweet potatoes bought from the street vendors. This was J&A's very ingenious solution to 'how does one cook a potato when one has no oven?
- Squash cooked by using our bamboo steamers for the first time (they worked like a champ)
- Hawthorn berry sauce to replace cranberry sauce since there are no cranberries here. We know one family that 'smuggles' cranberries into China every time they fly back from the states in the fall. That family is clearly going overboard though because the hawthorn berry substitution was quite acceptable. We don't know how it even occurred to J&A to make such a dish, but it turned out great!
- Challah - our first loaves made from a wedding shower recipe. You can't tell from the picture, but the recipe made 2 HUGE loaves. The one in the picture is taking up most of a 19-inch cutting board. While the dinner group made it most of the way through the first loaf, the second loaf was turned into french toast, sandwiches, croutons and bread crumbs.
- Koogle made with fresh pineapple cut up by Michael and using cinnamon grated from the sticks as required. Michael didn't know that koogle was a critical part of any holiday meal, but Cara, Jenny, and Natalie straightened him out.
- Green Beans and Snap Peas with Garlic
- Apple Crisp
We ended up passing on the cookies because everyone claimed they were stuffed, which was of course an appropriate Thanksgiving response.

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MattR said...

A belated Happy Thanksgiving Michael and Cara. Glad you found friends to share it with. The car ride to my parents house Thursday morning was very lonely without the Shapiro sisters :)

That challah looks good. You need to pass that recipe on to my sister. She was complaining that you can only find it in one bakery in Athens, and that is only for about 3 hours on Friday.