Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This is how you say...

Cara started language classes today and is very excited! She was heard saying the following to Michael upon greeting him after class,
wo so happy kan ni!
Which, though an atrocious abuse of the languge, does translate into something resembling a sentance.*

It is a good thing the class started, because before today the most recent word that Cara learned was "da," which means to strike (or to use the hand) and it is used in the phrase, 'to beat to death'. We feel that Cara's new vocabulary options are much less aggressive when employed on the streets of Beijing.

*Key: wo = I, kan= see/read, ni= you


Clay said...

If Cara decides to beat someone to death, be sure to get it on video. And make sure she dresses like a Ninja!


Kirby Fur said...

And she needs to make all the appropriate mayhem noises.