Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Apple mush

We've been trying to get Tovina to eat solids for a few weeks now with pretty minimal success. (Videos will be coming eventually.) Yesterday Zhao ayi cut up some apples and put the little bits in a cloth mesh bag for Tovina to chew/gum/suck on. It was a big hit!
As a side note: I had made applesauce out of the apples that Michael and I like for Tovina to try (our apples are something like a Gala apple, firm and tart) and Tovina had pretty much disdained it entirely. Zhao ayi said that maybe Tovina would like a sweeter and softer apple and that Chinese babies would start with something like red delicious.

Another side note: If you have not yet realized it, you can see all of the videos that we post at

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