Monday, March 31, 2008

Friends in Bangkok

One of the shocking things about Bangkok was that Thai people like children in general, and Tovina in particular, even more than Chinese people. We had not thought this was possible. Below are photos of just a few of the friends Tovina made during our trip. I don't think we had enough memory on the camera to get a photo of every person who held her or played with her or took their photo with her. She had quite the time!

Here is Tovina making friends with a nice woman who had a store front eatery. (This was right before the nice man gave Tovina the orange.)

And here are the nice girls she met inside the neighborhood Wat (temple).

These were some folks who ran some drink booths at a food court. They watched Tovina while I ate lunch. During those 30 minutes Tovina was taken around and introduced to every single vendor surrounding the eating area where I was seated. When she came back to me, Tovina had the monkey that you can see around her neck in the photo. The girl on the far right had gotten it for her.

At the palace these tour guides entertained Tovina while I tried to cool her off by keeping her in the shade and feeding her watermelon.

These were from our dinner Monday night where the waiter finally gave in to temptation and rather than simply making faces at her, picked Tovina up and took her over to share with some of the other staff.

This was on our way out of the country where the staff of the store played with Tovina for about 30 minutes and brought over various toys from around the store to keep her entertained.

And finally her buddy on the airplane who was up for holding her as much as we would let him. He was very good at quiting a fussy baby especially considering that he has no children of his own.
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Niki said...

Total proof that babies don't get sick from coming in contact with new people or places!

M said...

Didn't we used to have some sort of long armed stuffed monkeys?

ShamrockJews said...

If by 'we' you mean 'me', then yes we did. But my monkey was white and named Mokey