Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Teething sucks

I sort of thought we were home free now that the first tooth popped free. (or teeth because I think there are 3 showing now but it turns out Tovina is shy about the inside of her mouth and refuses to let me see or really feel exactly what is going on in there.)

But I was sadly mistaken

The poor little thing has woken up with severe crying jags the past week or so and seems to be in a lot of mouth pain. We are trying all the usual tricks but its just no fun.

Since our Chinese babysitter is not here at night when Tovina is the most upset, we give her cold teething rings, wet, cold wash clothes, and sometimes even frozen bananas. (gasp!) They all seem to help for about 5 minutes a piece.


Niki said...

someone's mother once suggested a little whiskey on the gums to help. If that doesn't help of course don't waste the rest, that'll help at least until the next morning.

Anonymous said...

Shots, teething and chicken pox are the suckiest part for a baby (not to mention the poor sleep deprived parents)!
I hate to say this (gasp!), but the old "rub the gums with whiskey" did work as a last resort for my two.
Good luck, I feel (well remember) your pain!