Friday, June 13, 2008

Dancing Tovina at home

Last week we had Tovina dancing in Shanghai.
This week we bring you... Tovina dancing at home!

Ms Zhao gave Tovina a dancing and singing bunny for Chinese New Years. That's what is playing the music you hear. Tovina is quite fond of it as you can see.

This second one is of Tovina dancing to Cake's version of Mananana (which they spell Mahna Mahna but what do they know?) on 'For the Kids'

As usual, there are a few longer versions available on YouTube under - surprise! - ShamrockJews


Anonymous said...

The music does not seem to effect Cyrano in the same way or in any way!
Maybe there is something to be said for kids over animals.
It is really cute watching Tovina. Thanks. css

Niki said...

I do that same move (to the same song actually)! she's got more rythm though :)