Monday, June 23, 2008

Poor kitties

The cats are more aware of Tovina these days although for the most part she ignores them. Having said that, I will now present you with cases where Tovina does NOT ignore them.
When Tovina is cruising around, Roxanne likes to throw herself in front of the path of destruction. That often prompts Tovina to move in a different direction although sometimes, when faced with such an obstruction, she will sit down and gleefully pull out a few handfuls of fur. At that point Roxanne will start purring.
yup - purring. We are not quite sure what is going on in that cat's head.
Tovina does like these moments because she then takes great interest in pulling apart the small ball of fur in her hand into smaller balls of fur until she finally tires of the whole thing and simply eats the hairball.
I try to step in before it gets that far.

Cyrano rarely takes the approach above. Instead he will immediately jump onto the couch when he senses breastfeeding time is upon us and then place himself against Tovina's head or feet depending on which way she is facing. She likes to bury her feet in his side while eating. Unsurprisingly, his response to this is purring.

However, Cyrano also likes to nap on the couches and chairs. Tovina is beginning to think it is quite lovely having a toy display itself in such a useful location.
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