Monday, June 16, 2008

Learning about sharing

Tovina is just beginning to learn how to give things away to other people. She is starting to play the game where she will hand you something and then you hand it back to her. Then she gives it to you again and then reaches for it again. Then...
She is also starting to share food intentionally as opposed to randomly flinging it around.
This Saturday we were over at a friend's house and she gave part of the carrot she had been chewing on to another little girl.
How generous.
Though her new friend was all for it.
(Admittedly I bite pieces of food off and give them to Tovina, so maybe this seems normal to her.)

Later her new friend was interested in getting in on the Cheerio action (or baby crack as we generally refer to it.) Tovina didn't interfere but she also never looked away. Gotta keep track of these people trying to hone in on the good stuff.
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M said...

Nice action shot. I'm impressed that you can now use the word "chew" when talking about Tovina and carrots.