Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Doing it herself

Tovina has taken to doing things herself. Mostly this means holding her own spoon while we feed her with another one. What is sort of surprising is that Tovina's spoon does not necessarily need to have food on it. Though when it does, she is getting reasonably good at getting the food into her mouth, sometime by taking it off the spoon with her fingers, but eventually into the mouth.

(This is Julia in the picture with Tovina. She was one of my fellow students in the MBA program.)

She also tends to turn the spoon upside down when eating with it. Maybe it is easier for her to taste the food that way.

This whole 'I can do it' attitude means that she loves finger food. Fruit is a big winner as are pieces of chicken, eggplant, Cheerios, and really anything else that is within reach. Frankly we have not found anything that is not a winner.

She is also getting better at sippy cup manipulation.
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Pam said...

That's so strange . . Cara's daughter liking finger food.