Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is an important holiday on our road. Many families have a portable fire pit that they drag out to their front yard and around which they set up lawn chairs from which to hand out candy. Tovina wasn't so sure about all these fires that she was not allowed to touch, but she was very excited about meeting all the new people.
Here is ms T aka, chicken little, and some of the kids from our road.
Tovina did like getting wrappers with candy in them. We even let her try a chocolate covered bar which she thought was quite good. One of our neighbors even lent us a little pumpkin like bag in which we could put Tovina's stash. At the first few houses, we showed her how to put the wrapper (which happened to contain candy) in the bag. By the 4th house, not only was she carrying the bag, she was also running up to the bowls of candy and eagerly picking an item out and then putting it in her bag.
and then picking another item out and putting it in her bag.
and then picking another item out and putting it in her bag.

We usually intervened after the 2nd piece.

Sometimes she would offer the homeowner a candy from her bag as trade for whatever she was taking, though eventually she got over that habit.
There was a hat too, but she was never willing to wear it.

Here is chicken little eating some cow.
mmmm.... chili.....


Carolyn said...

love love love the costume! Just sad that Super Sophia and Chicken Little Tovina couldn't learn about trick or treating together! We miss you guys!

niki said...

sooo,,, she an eater of the candy or a hoarder?

wayy wayy too cute though!!!