Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Taking care of the pond

One of the not so surprising things regarding home ownership is that there are a lot of things that need taking care of. Most of them we have absolutely no experience with. (That's what more than a decade of apartment living can get ya.) This particular house came with a pond that we have probably mentioned before.

It turns out that we were suppose to hang a net the previous owner left us over the pond before the leaves started falling. Why? Because if there are dead leaves in the pond they decompose and that hurts the water balance and can ruin the whole thing.

So what do you do if you did not put up the net in time and there are dead leaves at the bottom of the pond decomposing? You go in and get them of course.

Luckily (sort of) Jan (the previous owner) left us this cool set of waders to help us. (And by us I mean me - Michael gets to take care of everything else, I get the stuff on the porch.)

Pretty cool huh?
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Carolyn said...

i LOVE the outfit. don't envy the smell!

Niki said...

Cara the superhero of pond slugging,, no wet leaf is safe!

Chip, Sarah, Quinn & Will said...

You look so macho! Love it!!!