Friday, October 10, 2008

Tovina pics

More pictures from the B'not Mitzvah last month.

Here is Baba and Tovina as Tovina finally discovered the joy of teddy bears. She had just begun to figure it out 2 weeks before when she was given a stuffed lion as we were heading out of Beijing, but this night was the first time she really wanted a stuffed animal. There were a few on each table and she walked from table to table pointing at them until she had two to carry around with her. Though Tovina did not seem to notice, it was clear to the rest of us that 2 teddy bears at once stretched her capabilies and created a very endearing wobble in her walk.

Tovina and cousin Jonathon

Auntie Leah and Tovina

And finally, a very endearing little girl.

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Kerri said...

She sure knows how to work those baby blues! LOL

Pamela said...

She looks so innocent in the last picture . . . HA!