Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Deer, dear and leaves (take 2)

Apparently there was some issue with pictures yesterday, so I am reposting. As I type this a deer has come to feast ont the grass just outside my office window and I am watching her nose aside leaves to get to the grass.

And now to continue with our previous post
Fall has truly come upon us. I realized this past week that I have never before lived in a house that requires raking leaves. For now it is still a novelty and kind of fun but I can see how it may become tiresome in the near future.
Here is our driveway in its Halloween costume.

I bet you would not have even recognized it under all those leaves if I hadn't told you :)And here is the deer that came to visit us the other week.
I didn't want to scare her and have her hurt herself trying to jump off the deck, so all these pictures and the video are taken from inside the house.

And here is a certain little girl enjoying the fall weather.
(These pictures were actually taken last week when the weather was a little warmer.)
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Niki said...

what a really wonderful view that is :)