Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New hobby

Tovina really likes carrying baskets around, especially really big baskets. One of her favorites is Aunt Sheila's big green wicker basket.
But carrying them around is not really enough in and of itself. To enjoy the basket fully, it needs to have things in it.
And what should a basket have in it?

Why potatoes of course!

Tovina is very carefully taking potatoes out of the bottom metal bin and placing them in her basket. She then places the basket over her shoulder, waives goodbye, and carries the potatoes off into another room.

We having been finding potatoes all over the house for a few weeks now and quietly repatriating them to the wire bin where the process then starts over.

And yes, we do realize we could stop all of this by simply moving the potatoes, but no, we are not going to move them. This is much more fun for everyone involved... except maybe the potatoes which occasionally spot a few teeth marks.
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rebecca said...

Toddlers and baskets... they go together! Young toddlers are fascinated with the idea that something can contain something else and spend a lot of time experimenting with emptying and filling containers. I wonder when she'll discover egg cartons. You might want to opt for plastic eggs in that case or let her just fill the sections with other items.

I must admit, I am bummed that you guys won't be in SC for Thanksgiving. I wanted to attend a "Tovina, Live and Unplugged" show!

Molly said...

Last Christmas Stella, my neice, became fascinated by clementines. It was nice for her to find an object just the right size for her to carry in her, then, nine month old hand. And as an added bonus nobody seemed to object to her gumming it. Like you we repatriated fruit from all over the house for the week she was there.
In April we moved the couch back to it's summer position (away from the fireplace, near the window). Behold, from underneath emerged a perfectly petrified clementine! I recount this little parable for your consideration. Also this interesting fact: Potatoes don't petrify, they become slimy.

That said, I wish Tovina great joy of her potato moving projects. A child needs a few potatoes in her life.

And you might consider hard-boiling the eggs.