Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Parade

Yes, you read the title correctly. Tonight, there was a Christmas parade. (You thought this should have been after Thanksgiving? Silly you.) Like last year, it was pretty much the coldest evening we have had thus far this year. Luckily, we were warned this might be the case, so the family came prepared. Michael and I wore multiple layers (nothing compared to Harbin, but still pretty impressive) but layering Tovina was a little trickier. Instead, we decided to just grab her snow gear. Not shown here are the snow pants she also ended up wearing. While she was able to walk around, her arms were most definitely not able to lay down flat to her body. She did look somewhat roundish when she was finally all zipped up. There were a few times where she sort of settled for just rocking her body back and forth rather than waving at the people on the floats since moving her arm independently of the rest of her well padded body required just too much effort.

As a side note which I am sure most other parents have already discovered, Mittens are surprisingly complicated items to get on one's hands for the first time. Getting a single thumb into the thumb part turns out to be a major achievement. I had no idea there were so many other options when donning what I once considered a simple garment.
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KayBee said...

Mittens?? Egads.
I am still struggling with legs in leg holes. =)


Anonymous said...

Dear Karen and E,

I am so very happy for you!