Friday, November 14, 2008

New skills and styles

Tovina has recently taken on a new project. Here she is working hard on it.
What has required so much of her attention? Her thesis concerning loud random screams and surprise attacks on a cat's mental state of course! She has been doing the field research for months.
Here she was pointing out to me some of her more interesting findings.
Why, we can hear you asking, does Tovina have access to a lap top? Well, it turns out that children really enjoy playing with their parents high tech toys. (Shocking, we know.) Since Michael and I have found it somewhat detrimental to our work to allow Tovina to work on our computers, we have converted an old, mostly broken computer for her own personal use. After this day though, we found that even a computer that is mostly broken, can quickly become all the way broken when given to a 15 month old.
Tovina is going to have to wait to finish her thesis until she is at least 2 years old.

On a different note....
One of our astute readers pointed out in our last post that Tovina's hair is becoming longer. While this is true for the back of her head, everything from the ears forward is still sort of lagging. However, we have discovered that we can still have fun with the hair that has grown.
Here is Tovina sporting her Pebbles's look
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