Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday... again

We decided to have a little celebration for T in Ohio now that we are home. It was simple and easy with just the local kids that she sees the most. Unfortunately cousin Emma had picked up a cold of some kind from her first few days of school and couldn't join us. But we did have Brendan, Emalyn, and Caleb.
Here are the kids all drawing between lunch and cake.
Sarah managed to be the only adult caught in a picture today.
T enjoyed her presents but this hat, hand knit by Aunt Cindy, was clearly a favorite. Parents were not allowed to handle the hat in any way - Tovina felt very strongly that she must put it on herself and leave it there all after noon!
The cake was also a winner. After eyeing it all morning (Me birthday cake!) Tovina managed to eat 2 pieces.
You can also hear us singing Happy Birthday to Tovina... or you would be able to except that she jumped in and sang it before we had a chance. There is a longer version on YouTube where you can actually hear the rest of us join in.
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Niki said...

i showed that one around the office,, too frigging funny!
You go baby :)