Thursday, August 06, 2009

Straws, check!

Last September, while in Winnipeg, we took Tovina to a restaurant and Mari taught her to use a straw. It turned out to be a learning experience for both of them.
Yesterday, we returned to the scene of the original crime and had a whole new straw experience. I was a little shocked but here you can clearly see the 2 culprits deliberately not understanding what the problem might be.

Can you guess what the issue is?

Tovina is happy. Zaida is happy. Why isn't Mommy thrilled?

'Cause that is soda that Zaida just gave to Tovina and she will clearly no longer be fooled by my, 'You won't like Mommy's drink.'
He claimed that he thought Mari had given Tovina soda last year though it is clearly water in the picture. Mmmm hmmmm.
Ah well, I knew it wouldn't last forever.

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Jason said...

"sip mommy's...sip mommy's....sip mommy's...sip mommy's...sip mommy's....sip mommy's...(infinite repeating)"

"What is dinner at Jason and Becky's house almost every night, Alex?"