Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Birthday!

T's birthday was today and we actually had the chance to celebrate it with lots of family! (Actually, we celebrated a day early, but we'll pretend it's today.)

Here is Tovina enjoying enough icing to satisfy Aunt Mari's need for a baby smeared icing face. uh..
change that to a icing smeared baby face.
Yes, much better.

And here are general pictures of Tovina enjoying her evening. There are lots of other pictures with her and cousins but those will be for another evening when I can get organized enough to label pictures.

In the meantime... Here is T enjoying some blocks. You may also notice some really adorable pigtails.
Yes she is growing hair!
And here she is playing a drinking game that involves spilling much of the drink down her front. She loved it!

All in all, I think T was happy with her day. Lots of running around. Lots of food. Lots of family. Lots of love.
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sheilahn said...

Happy birthday, peanut!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tovina!!!!!
What a little cutie!
Kathy T

niki said...

it's actually required,, the earth will rise up and force the cupcake on your child if you don't let her do it herself

Jason said...

I'm pretty sure we've all played that drinking game. Some of us just wait until our 20's and use our adult beverages instead.

Will said...

Hey, she's got pony tails!

Congrats. Hard to believe she's two already.