Sunday, October 30, 2005

Flower Stick

At the corner of the street leading to the dirt market there was a nice open area with some bushes. (It was right behind the sign with the street name.) When we were walking to the market (see: dawn) there were about 20 people doing exercises as described by a voice issuing from a loudspeaker. Cara followed from the sidewalk for a neck-stretch exercise while Michael consulted the map.

On the way home, there were about 9 middle-aged people juggling devil sticks or flower sticks in the same area. When we stopped to watch, one nice man came over, asking Cara to "shi yi shi" (try a little) using his set and another woman showed Cara how to juggle the flower stick. The sticks belong to the fellow taking the picture with his cell phone. You can also see the people sitting on the bench behind us watching Cara try this crazy form of Asian juggling. Was much fun.


Kirby Fur said...

You're using the bag!! So happy. Mine is covered in dog prints.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara and Michael,

I love this blog. Keep it up. Your little cousin Mark had Devil Sticks. He used to be pretty good with them. They are still around somewhere in our basement.

Looks and sounds like you are having a blast exploring Beijing.

Your little cousin Benjamin's football team is going to the City Finals and play next Sunday in the Stadium here. Quite exciting.

Take care,
Much love,