Thursday, October 27, 2005

Weather Around the World

There is snow in Pennsylvania and there are still leaves on the trees
There was a hurricane in Florida
And the top picture shows you the smog in Beijing for the day (Picture was taken at 9am)

On the other hand,
Winnipeg, Manitoba is above freezing and there is no snow
And there is a lovely rain around Hontanas, Spain

Follow-up note:
This was suppose to get posted early this week but it disappeared, so it is going up today. But today is a beautiful day in Beijing, like the bottom picture. We had some like rain and a lot of wind and the smog was blown away.


Anonymous said...

This is really an interesting picture. It has an unreal quality about it.

Love your blog site and also keeping up with some of your friends.

pam r said...

You mention that Winnipeg is above freezing as though this is odd...

ShamrockJews said...

You mean it isn't?
While I do know that Winnipeg does have lovely weather, I thought the fact that it is staying nice till the end of October a good thing (having been there for snow at this time of year in the past.)