Thursday, October 20, 2005


We got the stuff below from the store this afternoon. I'm hoping you recognize the apples. As for the other stuff, well... part of the reason we bought them is we also had no idea what they were. The green leafy things are probably bok choy. The red spiky things are rambutan. Need more info?

Here is what we learned through arduous investigation of the matter. The spikes are soft. You cut the skin with a knife and try not to cut the center fruit which is not so hard because the skin can sort of be popped open once it is partially cut. The pulp/fuity part is similar to a peeled grape with a more sturdy texture. (It also reminded us of the alien food near the beginning of Enemy Mine). You can pop of the fruit in your mouth and chew on it and then spit out the seed. It sort of tastes like a gummy fruit. Cara had 4 of them, Michael was done after one.


JoAnn said...

huh, they really do look odd. although i guess a kiwi would look odd if you had never seen one. i enjoyed trying out new fruit while i was in ecuador, but they didn't have anything that was that foreign looking.

Anonymous said...

The green vegetable was served to us at every meal in China.

Of course only one of our party of two ever ate it at each meal. I really enjoyed it.

The little fruit is a leechie nut. I have bought them for you before and also bought them in cans.
Merlan introduced the canned fruit to us, however that is really sweet.

Now let us see if I can get this comment to reach you.

ShamrockJews said...

Rambutan are related to leechie nuts and they are suppose to taste very similar. I can't wait to try them

Lisa said...

Rambutans have a nuttier slightly less "perfumy" flavour than leechie nuts. The fruit is also not as plump/juicy as leechie. During spring you can buy them still on the branch at grocery stores here.

Both are yum :) Canned leechie nuts on vanilla ice cream is REALLY yum!