Sunday, October 30, 2005

Items From Dirt Market

Here are some of the things we found at PanJiaYuan.

There were all sorts of carved tea pots. This one is solid with not much of a design while some of the others had intricate dragons or landscapes cut as a relief.

There are so many things made from carved wood! There are whole beds with enclosing walls. At this market we saw screens, dressers, tables, and wall hangings. There are signs proclaiming the riches of furniture available for sale, but we were satisfied with our first trip to the Dirt Market and departed after a scant two hours of zipping through the countless stalls.

Anyone? We think it may be a type set (based on descriptions we've heard of old-style Chinese typewriters), but we are open to other suggestions. Oh, the silver-colored Budda was just sitting on top. An extra something for our viewers :)

We are pretty sure these are compasses with levels but there are crazy markings on them. Again, any ideas?

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Molly said...

Looks like a set of blocks for a really old printing press. My mum has something rather similar with English letters. The typesetter lines them up in the right order by hand. Oy!