Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Enjoying chocolate on her birthday

First some background:
The night of Tovina's birthday the family was sitting around enjoying some ice cream bars. As it was her birthday, Tovina got to try some too. Her opinion? The results were surprisingly mixed. Other than one confusing piece of evidence, I would have said she clearly liked the ice cream and chocolate because she kept coming back for more. In fact, the video shows Tovina's 5th and 6th tastes of the ice cream bar. It was the same reaction each time. For the 3rd and 4th taste she did the closest she comes to running, tongue hanging out and mouth wide to get to the ice cream as fast as possible.
So what was the verdict?
Well, you be the judge.

I’ve been told that it is hard to understand what we are saying during the videos, so I have transcribed the text for you
Tovina’s Mom: I think it is her first chocolate
Zaida (grandfather): I think she might like it
Baba (grandmother): Did she stick her tongue out again like last time?
Zaida: Oooo. What's the matter?
Mom: Is that cold sweetie?
All: Heartless laughter

Did you catch her expression after each taste? Oh, you missed it because it went too fast? Well here, let me help you.
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Niki said...

that is too cute a face!
and i'm sure she'll love being able to look back and actually see the transcription of "Heartless laughter". :)

M said...

Hilarious! This picture just replaced the 11 month collage as my background pic. Ah yes, another rousing game of torture the baby.