Saturday, August 23, 2008

Women's beach volleyball medal games

Women's beach volleyball on Thursday was a blast! Admittedly it did rain the entire time - right up until the medal ceremony started. One of the nice things was the the guard gates handed out rain ponchos to everyone as we came in. Admittedly they were the thinnest ponchos I have ever seen and my pony tail managed to rip though my hood before I sat down in my seat. But still - very helpful!

Here are Josh and Chris walking to their seats. Chris brought his own rain coat - smart man! Took this picture to emphasize their lovely legs.
The crowd all prepped for the weather.
Some inflatable Fuwas (Olympic mascots) providing a show between games. You should check out the video for more on that.
Olivia and myself being not rained on for about 10 minutes - again it was between games. During the games it poured.

And here is the video

And what is this video? Well, at the women's beach volleyball medal games there were some games for the crowd between the bronze game and then silver/gold game. One of the events during the show was that random people from the crowd were brought down to the field and allowed to take a serve and try to hit the Fuwas. If they succeeded, they were allowed to keep the ball.


Niki said...

Thought they had that rain thing all sorted out

and um,, no fuwas video for us! :)

ShamrockJews said...

So it turns out that posting a video of no actual sport but an event that takes place within an Olympic venue and involving the Olympic mascots is a copyright infringement on NBC's video rights.
I totally understand since they have this content posted elsewhere and I am taking paying viewers away from their site...
Oh wait - they have nothing like this posted at all and I can't see it anywhere, and now it turns out you can't as well.
Well, that makes sense.