Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tovina's famous!

Or at least she made it onto TV!
That's right, we were on the Today show ... well... today....actually. I'm told there was a sighting at 7:48.
To help you out, Michael is in red, I'm in purple, and Tovina is in light blue with jeans on - often seen sitting on shoulders and having a blast. There was one other baby there, our friend Mirabelle, who is slightly younger than Tovina and wearing a dark blue dress.

After the live broadcast they did some taping for use during tomorrow's show and we are in it lots more. Look for us particularly at the left hand side of the screen next to Meredith. And in the teasers for the opening ceremony.

You can also see our friend Carolyn with her parents though Sophia was unable to join :(
But Carolyn got to speak on camera which was very very cool!


MattR said...

You were also on at 7:03 to the right (from the TV viewer POV) of the gymnastics team when the Today show was teasing the interview with them. But I think the three of you were only visible on the widescreen broadcast.

M said...

I saw Carolyn talk to them!.. and I said "where is Cara?". Then I saw Michael and Cara's arm and it went to commercial. Then I saw Michael and Cara and Tovina!! (at 7:48, as you said). Then I stopped watching and went to work. Mind you, it was 9:15 by then. Gotta love DVR!

LB said...

Yep. And I swear I heard Cara's laugh in the background during a discussion at the anchor desk.

Jason said...

Becky and I have seen your backs and seen your fronts. We'll figure out some way to cap it for you if you want.

Yeah, gotta love DVR. Michael needs to learn to ham it up for the camera ;)

Anonymous said...

I missed it! Stupid work! :(

lb said...

It is fun to play "Where's Tovina?".