Monday, August 25, 2008


When one owns a house, one's mortgage holder expects one to have home owner's insurance. Now if you thought that talking to insurance companies was hard, try it from 12 time zones away. To make it more fun we bundled car insurance into the deal. The best part was when the agent asked me for the car VIN.

"Um... well, we don't actually own the car yet. See, we're planning on buying one after we get back to the states. But we are going to be renting cars right away so we will need auto coverage. Are you able to provide car insurance for people who don't own a car?"

*** Big old pause on the other end of the phone ***

It was a fun time for all!

(not to worry, it all worked out after almost 2 hours of discussion)


Molly said...

Oh, I'm sure if you really wanted it they'd find a way to provide bridge insurance too. Also battleship insurance. Really I'm sure you can convince them to allow you to pay to insure practically everything you don't own. And if they don't want to do it, I will. Of course your insurance will expire the moment you acquire the actual objects. I can't be taking that sort of risk.

Sharon said...

In NC you have to have Driver's insurance to have a driver's license, even if the cars owner already has insurance which means somebody is double dipping :)

Carolyn said...

i thought those two hour conversations of reason only happened in China!