Friday, August 08, 2008

Olympic time

We've been watching the opening ceremonies at home on TV the way most of our friends are watching it but we are going to go and see some men's gymnastics in person tomorrow. To paraphrase a friend, "in spite of my best efforts, I'm excited about the Olympics."
Why, 'in spite of'? Because there has been a lot of things we had to deal with/work around/worry about/learn about/and explain all due to these Olympics and it seemed like it should be a jading kind of experience. But here's the thing. I'm not feeling jaded. I'm excited and I'm glad we are going to a couple of events. I'll be even more excited once we are done packing and we can hopefully enjoy it a little more, but still - this if fun!

And thank you to our friends who were able to record some of Tovina's appearances on the Today show. We would really like to save a copy somehow so we can add it to the grand Tovina digital scrapbook and we will get in touch with you about how best to do this once things have calmed down a little. If you have not seen Tovina on TV, then you can check out this picture which goes with this video (thanks Matt!)

Since NBC is not available at our apartment this was our first chance to see Tovina on the show.

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Sheila said...

Wow! The difference in TVs. I rechecked the footage that I have of the Today show, and my TV does not show you beside the gymnastics team in the beginning of the Thursday broadcast..