Monday, July 27, 2009

Children Museum

We went back to the museum this weekend but instead of going to the natural history part we checked out the Duke Energy Children's Museum.
Tovina thought it started off well with a series of escalator rides.

Then there was this amazing ball pit with all kinds of lifts, falling, piping, dropping mechanisms.
After that we found the water area with a pseudo river and bridge and water guns and and buckets. They even supply rain coats for the kids. Unfortunately the only size left on the rack was for a 5/6 year old but that meant it covered T really well.
You can just see her feet sticking out the bottom.
We finally dragged T away from there to see Lego land.
After that we checked out the construction site with loads of foam rocks that looked very real. (I was a little anxious when we walked into the area and I saw one child throw a small one to another child and almost hit a 3rd child in the head.)
It was hard to convince T it was time to go but she was willing to walk in the right direction as long as she got to touch EVERY shape on the wall.
There was also a grocery store with child sized carts, fake cars and gas pumps, skeletons of animals, fish tanks and another couple areas we didn't even walk through.
What an awesome place!
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Anonymous said...

Children's Science Museum in Orlando is really cool also. It has a small "rain forest" in it.
Very cool!
Kathy T

ShamrockJews said...

The membership we got for the local museum has reciprocity with a lot of other museums around the country (and world for that matter.) We are looking forward to trying it out when we visit people!