Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh Can-a-daaaa

We are all packed up and ready to leave the house at oh-bright-600 tomorrow. Posts will likely get light while we are visiting with family but maybe you - our faithful readers - will get lucky and I'll keep posting (could happen).

Tovina was happy to go into her crib tonight because she has translated 'after you go to sleep and then get up in the morning, we are going to drive in the car and then fly in a plane and then fly in another plane and then we'll see Baba!'
lay down in bed and close your eyes. When you open them we will get in the car and then.. and then.. and then.. see Baba!
So there I was so proud of her because she went right into bed and laid down so nicely but as soon as I closed the doors she started calling for me.
Opened the door, 'What is it T?'
'Drive car? See Baba!'

She was much less entranced by the whole 'its time to go to sleep now' thing when she realized we weren't going along with her interpretation.

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