Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Off the plane

T and I have made it home. It took a little longer than expected when our plane from Chicago to Cincinnati was delayed... then delayed again... and then cancelled at 9pm. They booked us on a flight for the next morning and then put us up in a hotel.
Having a place to stay was nice
Having a baby girl who had not napped during the day, was running around an airport from 9-10 as we waited in line (THANK YOU to all the wonderful strangers who held my place in line while I played tag, knock-knock, peek-a-boo, catch, and swing!) and finally got to the hotel around 11 was slightly less fun. Though she was a great sport about it, she was also a little tired. Tovina actually laid down on the carpet in front of check in and tried to go to sleep. I suggested she move to the side carpet so she wouldn't get stepped on but when she saw the chairs she had a much better idea. Poor thing!
This was not 3 minutes after she laid down. She woke a little when I picked her up to take her to our room, but when I set her down outside the door she laid down again and went back to sleep.
Such a good traveler!
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Niki said...

One of the best traveling babies I've ever seen,, having the worlds most patient mum may play a part in that