Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great day

This afternoon we had some quality family time.
The 3 of us walked to the park, stopping to pick wild blackberries in what turned out to be a MASSIVE blackberry patch.* Tovina discovered that she liked the berries we gave to her ('Only take ONE at a time T!') and we are now trying to figure out how to transplant a couple stray bushes, or pieces thereof, to our yard.
Once at the park there was extensive swinging with entreatments of 'higher mommy!' Does my heart good to hear that she is training up right for roller coasters.
There was also some sliding and exploring and a quiet dinner where we finally figured out how to prepare Tovina's home-rolled burritos in such a manner that she doesn't drop all the filling into her lap, happily eat the tortilla, and then ask for 'morr bueeto?'

This capped of a day of 2 humming birds and a bunny joining the regular crowd of birds and deer outside my window.

*For those of you who have never gone to summer camp or Cape Cod with me, I have a slight blackberry picking addiction in which I rarely have a chance to indulge.


Kerri said...

Sounds like a great time. For the blackberries, wait until the leaves have fallen off. Then dig up some roots and transplant them in your yard (probably October).

ShamrockJews said...

I just knew that someone we knew would know how to move a blackberry bush

Molly said...

Just a minor small addiction. Really nothing to worry about. Not like there's any danger of encountering a Cara with purple hands and weird purple spots all over her or anything. Not like she needs to be restrained from picking more berries before the last berry crisp is eaten. Not to worry.

LB said...

I remember a berry-laden path near your townhouse in Chantilly. I think they were raspberries, though. I don't quite remember an obsession per se, but there was definitely consumption.