Thursday, July 09, 2009

Going to the zoo zoo zoo

Before getting on the plane to come home, Tovina and I stopped by the zoo with Maddie and Emily. (Jason and Susie were supposedly in attendance also, but as I have no pictures to prove it, this may have just been hear-say.)
The zoo has lots of things to see, but since T and I had a plane to catch we limited ourselves mostly to the birds - but oh! what birds! Maddie was suitably impressed with the peacocks.
Tovina was not quite so sure about the flamingos (even though they were both dressed in the same outfit. My how embarrassing. Maybe the fact that the birds forgot to wear their hats made up for it.)
Here is Maddie pushing the 2 littler ones along. No help from the accompanying giants was welcome - only people under 4 foot tall were allowed to push this stroller. I'm not sure how Emily avoided being in more photos. Going to have to make up for that the next time we see her.
And here is Tovina trying to get in on the act when she saw Maddie rubbing her eyes. Tired little munchkins one and all.
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