Thursday, December 01, 2005

Blocked? Not Blocked? One of Life's Little Mysteries

When we first arrived in China, we could post to our website, but not actually go and view it. (Bloggers may contain dangerous information you see.) Then about a month or so ago, we were suddenly able to view 'blogspot' (the website you are at as your read this message) so we could not only read our own posts, we could also go and visit our friends' sites. Today, the Chinese government apparently decided that their first instinct was correct and they are once again blocking blogspot.
Urghhhhhh (sounds of frustration)
We had read that this happens but that still doesn't quite prepare you for the frustration of it. So again we say, 'urghhhhhh'.

Luckily, email still works and any messages that get posted to this site are emailed to us (though please remember to include your name so we know to whom we should respond). In the great scheme of things, this blog blocking is really not such a big deal. It is kind of funny though. Imagine, we can not view blogspot, but CNN is accessible. I had no idea that we were more corruptive than CNN. We will just need to learn to use our powers for good.

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MattR said...

This is not on blogger so hopefully you will be able to read it and get a laugh.