Friday, December 09, 2005

Got license, Got car, Got dip-plates - Be Scared

We picked up our car yesterday! And it has those cool diplomatic license plates on it so people know not to mess with us. Michael has his license (Cara's is still being processed) and we are now able to drive on the roads of Beijing.

Just to give you an example, these are the scariest roads I have seen in my entire life and that includes Boston, Jerusalem, and all of Florida. Street lights really are just a suggestion here.

Last night we drove to Shabbat services. This is normally a 45 min brisk walk. It was 30 min by car.


Clay said...

Diplomatic plates are the BEST!

Mari said...

The roads in Jerusalem were the craziest things I've ever seen.
I recall 4 lanes of cars in 2 lanes of road with motorbikes weaving between.
And these are the scariest you've ever seen?!?
Alright then... good luck with that.

Kirby Fur said...

I'm sure you could cut that down to 15 minutes if you drive through the footpaths in the park - and as an added bonus, you won't get arrested, right?

Anonymous said...

scared of driving in china? how about getting directions in Israel... left, left, straight, straight, right, right, left, right, straight...

just remember when in doubt accelerate. m&c