Friday, December 30, 2005

Sink Repairs

When the maintenance dude showed up and looked into the kitchen, he immediately knew there was probably something going on. I guess that storing all of your cleaning and washing supplies in the middle of the kitchen floor is not normal, even in Beijing.

So we showed him the offensive drain-part with the crack running down the side. We had already taken it to the front desk because trying to explain to the receptionist over the phone that the drain for the kitchen sink was cracked seemed like a dangerous prospect. She told us to go back to our apartment and someone would come by. I guess that smelly dirty drains are not welcomed at the snazzy front desk. Then again, we weren't particularly excited about carrying it around, so this is not so surprising.

We were a little concerned about explaining the problem (in Chinese) to whomever showed up at the door, but this guy was geng bang! (kicks more ass than most) and not only immediately took away the old drain, when he showed up with the new one he also brought a new gasket and thread sealant tape. Additionally (and this really impressed Cara) Michael told the guy that we were able to install the new drain ourselves if he would just get us the part, and the guy understood and was okay with it!

The set up was a little weird, but it was what we had to work with
Look Ma! No leaks!

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