Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cara has starting volunteering at American Education and Health Foundation. This organization has its base in Beijing United Hospital.

The American Education and Health Foundation (AEHF) was created to provide healthcare to very needy children in under-served areas and populations of China. Because these areas are remote and often lack the most basic facilities, needed medical-procedures are often unavailable due to lack of trained medical staff, equipment and funding.
By bringing AEHF-sponsored physicians to these orphanages, the physical condition of each child can be evaluated and the proper medical treatment prescribed. When surgical or more advanced medical care is needed, children are treated at a local hospital or brought to Beijing. Without this care, children considered ineligible for adoption are destined to become permanent residents of the welfare homes, with little hope for a normal life. The American Education and Health Foundation gives them this hope.
AEHF is also helping organize donations and care for Cui DeJie. DeJie family was out of money to pay for his treatment, so his parents were being put in the situation of having to take him out of the hospital and home to die. His story was written up in a few international papers and people started contacting the paper to see how they could help. For the full store click on his name. While not their regular line of help, AEHF was contacted to see if they could work with people wanting to donate. AEHF, while not a big organization, of course said yes.

We went to the hospital on Saturday so that Cara could meet with some of the AEHF volunteers and as a special bonus we also met Cui DeJie and his parents who happened to be in. Thanks to generous donations, his treatment will be continuing for now. His long term care and costs are still being calculated.

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Kirby Fur said...

hey cara,
this is really amazing - do you know what you'll get to do for them yet?