Wednesday, December 21, 2005

You are what you eat

To help foreigners decipher Chinese menus, some Beijing restaurants (most notably the high-end ones) print menus with photographs of the dishes. In some rare cases, they will also provide English translations of the dishes. We think they might want to hire a native English speaker to help them with euphemisms. Here are some choice samples of Sichuan delicacies that are simply too attractive to resist:
(Click on the picture to enlarge)

That's right, the options are:

  • Pickle and Amorphophallus
  • Sichuan-flavoured eel paste
  • Homely spinous sea cucumber
  • Hot peppery goose guts
  • Hot fat intestines

  • We can't figure out why the 'homely spinous sea cucumber' is so expensive. Comely we could understand, but we just have to believe that finding un-attractive spinous sea cucumbers ought to be rather easy.


    LB said...

    Who knew you could eat Amorphophallus?

    kt said...

    They all sound like something from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! Yuck!

    MarrDogg said...

    Dad says you forgot to tell us where we can find these treats.