Sunday, January 11, 2009


One of the fun things about winter and all the leaves falling off the trees is that it is much easier to see the deer. While we usually just see them in their family groups of 4 or 5, sometimes we get a lone buck walking through, as you can see here. Other times we seem to get all the deer in the area to come through at once as a group of around 14. Its hard to get an exact count as games of tag which require loops through the yard and around the house make the deer very hard to accurately count.
Here is a video of one of the deer showing what she thinks of our neighbor's fence.
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Niki said...

so when you say you have seen deer you don't mean "on occasion we get a glimps of one" you mean "we have deer!"
that is a cool clip :)

Jason said...

Please note, Jason has applied for his Ohio hunting license for next year and will only require a chair on the back porch ;)

8 points. Wow, that's a nice deer.

Michael S. said...

Last week we had 18 does in the front yard at the same time. I'm pretty sure there are no deer hunters in this neighborhood. :)