Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We have been signing with Tovina and she seems to be picking it up. She understands a lot words. I just listed all the ones she uses and got up to over 70. Wow! That was a lot more than I was expected. This weekend we were at a dinner at a friend's house and Tovina was asking for grapes and strawberries using her signs. Other adults were able to recognize them and started copying her. Tovina was happy to see that everyone else was such a quick learner.

Since I was listing all the signs anyways, I figured I might as well copy the list for you here.

Here are the signs that Tovina will sometimes try to form herself (71)
all done, Baby, ball, banana, bear, bed (sleep), bird, book/read, bowl, bread, cat, catch (as in tag), cheese, coat, cold, cup, dad, dance, different, dog, down, duck, ears, elephant, eyes, feet, fish, flower, Food, Fruit, gentle touches (mostly for petting cats and babies), grandfather, grandmother, Grapes, hair, hat, help, hot, Hug, jump, lay down, listen, milk, mom, monkey, more, mouth, music, no, nose, out, pacifier, phone, please, quiet, rabbit, shoes, sit, socks, strawberry, swing, thank you, toilet, tongue, touch, tree, up, wait, walk, wash (person), Water

These are ones that Tovina recognizes back has not tried to sign herself (20)
change (as in diaper), cow, cracker, giraffe, hit, horse, light, look, orange (color and fruit), owl, play, rain, run, sheep, smell, snow, spider, spoon, together, where

And these are ones that we use but seem to go right over her head (44)
apple, aunt, balloon, black, blue, brown, cereal, come here, diaper, dinosaur, flower, frog, home, hungry, ice cream, kick, kitchen, mirror, mouse, on, onion, pink, red, rock, rooster, rope, shave, sleep , snake, soup, squirrel, stop, thirsty, tired, turtle, TV, uncle, wash (dishes), what, when, which, white, who, yellow


Chip, Sarah, Quinn & Will said...

How the heck do you sign "brown"?

ShamrockJews said...

You have only to ask my dear...
This signing stuff is amazing! Dr. Bill has a great web site and he shows 'brown' if you wish to see it. http://www.lifeprint.com/

Anonymous said...

I have to say that just because she does not "sign" these last words, she definitely has her way of indicating apple, flower and many of the other words.
Whenever Tovina sees a flower or a plant hanging way above her or in a picture she will sniff. I wonder how she will react when she finds there is actually a "smell" associated with flowers.