Friday, January 16, 2009

Helping with the shopping

Usually Tovina likes going to the store because 1) she gets to put on her coat and 2) she gets to push the cart. Pushing the cart is not only fantastic exercise, it is also a big help since it means that Mom and Dad don't have to (see: are not allowed to) push the cart themselves. This only becomes a problem when we don't want the cart to run into something, like the food displays, or people, which doesn't occur more than half the time. That leaves us the other half of the time to enjoy strangers reactions to the cart that is seemingly pushing itself down the aisle.
T usually gets many smiles from strangers. She is often willing to pause pushing to wave at them before she is forced to continue her very serious chore.
You can see how hard she has to push the heavy cart (which contains her diaper bag) in the 2nd picture.
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Niki said...

best part is there is actually a market for cart pushers. think you've hit gold this time guys :)

ShamrockJews said...

We knew that eventually she'd earn her way.

Anonymous said...

that's a pretty sweet coat. does it come in a large adult size?

A said...

The matching colors is a nice touch