Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frolicking deer

There was some impressive snow fall the last few days followed by some even more impressive ice which was then followed by more snow. This made the trees around the house look just gorgeous, even if they are weighed down so much that many are actually bent till they are touching the ground.
This also makes the deer particularly easy to spot. This is nice since they have been frolicking in the snow. I thought I had seen deer frolicking before but I was wrong.
Deer can't really properly frolic unless snow is involved.

(Bonus question: Why is frolic with just a 'c' and frolicking with a 'ck'?)
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Molly said...

Bonus answer: Because otherwise it would be pronounced 'frolissing' which would be stupid.

ShamrockJews said...

To clarify: Michael knew the answer to this one. Only I was clueless.

Niki said...

wait,,, there are reasons behind how things are spelled?
It always seems so totally random..
nice deer :)