Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Settling Down

The holidays were full of visits with friends and family (more blog entries on this will likely be coming) but things are getting quieter now and the regular daily goings on are once again goings on. What exactly are we referring to? Well, Tovina is back to sleeping roughly 12 hours a night -and- in her own bed! We are also back at the library. Here you can see T and our neighbor Caleb checking out some software that reads books with the child. I'd like to think that some of it is sticking in T's head, because yesterday, when Tovina was flipping page though the book I was hoping to read, she started pointing at some of the enlarged letters. After the next 20 minutes, she was identifying 'O' and 'I'. Steinbeck here we come.
In case you were wondering, Tovina was reading Stellaluna.
And speaking of Stellas. Here is a pic of Tovina and Stella sharing a rocking chair back in PA. You can tell they will both be tall adults because they have such large paws to grow into.

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Molly said...

Those paws are my very favorite thing about that picture. And Tovina's are so fancy on top of it all.

M said...

"Stellaluna, an adorable baby fruit bat, finds her world turned literally upside down when she's adopted by a family of birds."

Intriguing! Cool coat, kid.

Niki said...

Pretty pretty babies