Thursday, January 08, 2009

We gots stuff!

I realize that I had suggested that you were getting a post around December 31st that was going to wax poetic about how fabulous the delivery and unpacking of our (priorly) wayward belongings had gone.
I further realize that it is now somewhat after December 31st, one might even say days.
I fear you may have gotten the wrong impression and suspected, as one might, that things had perhaps gone less than stellarly and that made you understandably hesitant to ask questions.
Today, we allay those fears, because, all prior experience to the side, things went pretty darn smoothly. (Smoothly that is as long as we ignore the fact that the first truck which arrived at 8am was too big to make it down our street, let alone into our driveway, and the crew had to go back to their headquarters, which were luckily in Cincinnati, unload the first truck and then re-load everything into a smaller truck which meant they didn't get started at our house till 11:30. This is not quite as bad as it sounds because all our boxes were still securely packed tight into 3 huge shipping crates.) But 2 of the moving fellows were champs and, good to their word, had everything unloaded and all the boxes we wanted unpacked unpacked and were still out of here by 4pm. They took all the empty boxes and packing paper with them too.
They even left us with some good news on their way out when they told us we could have the rest of the boxes picked up when we finished unpacking the last of our stuff. As you can see, we will be needing that service. (More good news is that these are boxes we have already emptied since they left.)
Everything seems to have come through fine. There is still about 1 box worth of stuff that we haven’t located, but we have hopes that it is tucked away in a corner somewhere. There was one concerned moment when we thought my desk had gotten cracked in half, but it turned out the desk is just that flexible if the top is not attached and it is sitting on its side. Luckily I don't plan on using it in the on-its-side configuration.
One of the great joys of unpacking boxes that were taken away 5 months ago was finding fun stuff that we had forgotten was in a box, like this surprise.
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Molly said...

What you clearly don't realize is that it's actually good to have one missing box. When my dad and his wife moved to California they mailed about 120 boxes. (Mostly books, but some other things.) My father methodically numbered all the boxes. Box 37 never arrived.
20 years later any object that couldn't be found was still being blamed on Box 37. Loose your keys? Box 37. Can't find your copy of The Iliad? Box 37.
We should all be so lucky as to have a single missing box.