Thursday, February 05, 2009

Light flurries?

Yesterday the weather man was telling us we would be getting light flurries. 8 inches later I have begun to doubt his word.
(Doesn't T look skeptical?)
When we were considering moving to Cincinnati, I was told that they don't really get heavy snow falls here. See, previous conclusion.

But I must admit that is is pretty perfect snow, all light an powdery. Tovina and I couldn't resist and went out for a walk in it this afternoon - runny noses and all. Actually, Tovina was so excited that when I asked if she wanted to "go out for a walk" she immediately asked for her shoes. When she saw her snow pants she wanted them too
and her hat
and gloves.
She even laid down on the floor without prompting so that I could get the pants on her. In case you were wondering, this is not the usual steps involved in getting Tovina ready for the snow. I had thought that the sledding experience had not gone so well, but I now suspect that I misread the expressive T.

Whatever the case, we had a lovely walk up and down our lane. Tovina enjoyed making footprints in the snow.

The suspects:

That's it for today. I'll post some more of our grand adventure tomorrow.

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Kerri said...

She just needs to learn how to raise one eyebrow and she'll have that skeptical look down. :)

Greetings from Austin where its sunny and 70+ degrees. LOL