Friday, February 06, 2009

My little snow angel

(Continued from yesterday)
On the way back up our driveway, I picked Tovina up and laid her down in the snow and moved her arms so that she made a snow angel. I then picked her back up and set her on the driveway so she could see what she had done.
She was duly unimpressed and wandered farther down the drive. I, of course, was overwhelmed by Tovina's image in the snow and stopped to take a photo. By the time I was done, I noticed T had sat herself down in the snow and was energetically moving her arms back and forth. Since she was in a sitting position, this didn't exactly make a snow angel, but it did make some great snow flurries.

This is the first time Tovina has willingly sat in snow. She's kicked it before and brushed at it. She likes to watch it fall from my glove. Occasionally she'll even bend over and touch the stuff (though this is dangerous as she is not the steadiest thing on 2 legs in general and the snow gear seems to reduce what balance she does have. She has been known to bend over and then just keep on going till her head is resting on the ground. Luckily, this rarely startles her.) But here she was happily playing in the powdery stuff!

Good little snow baby.

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