Tuesday, February 03, 2009


(This was suppose to post last week. Not sure why it didn't but I just noticed, so I am posting it today.)
There has been a wee bit of snow in the area recently and we were invited out for some sledding. While she likes walking in the snow, this was Tovina's first sledding experience. A fantastic hill was located and off we went.
Here is Danny and Emma taking the plunge.
And here is Cindy and Brendan after one of their succesful runs.
And here is Tovina enjoying her favorite part of sledding....sitting in the car getting warmed up and eating grapes. We did actually go down twice in a sled. One of those times Emma went with us which was much fun. But twice seemed to be enough for T and not even the lure of kicking snow mounds over could keep her from longingly asking for the 'caaa' (car).
Before we drove away, Emma helped entertain T - Thanks Em!

Then it was back to the house for some quality cousin time which seemed to even beat out grape eating as Tovina's favorite activity of the day - especially when Emma and Brendan let Tovina press the buttons on the computer's keyboard!
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Dan said...

Actually, that's Brendan (not Emma) and myself going down on the sled kicking up all the snow - a real pleasant experience for Brendan.