Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sick puppy... er... baby

Tovina still hasn't kicked this cold that has been beating her up, off and on, for the last 2 weeks. Sometimes the cold makes Tovina tired and grumpy. (Such a surprise, right?) When Tovina is tired and grumpy she likes to be held. She often decides she is tired when I am at the stove of course.

This time Daddy decided to help distract Tovina by putting her on his shoulders which is something she usually adores and gets very excited about. This time, poor T was so tired she couldn't even provide enough energy keep her little tush from sliding off Michael's shoulders let alone her usual bounces and such.
To tell how really done she was, you can see she is not even reaching for Dad's cell phone - Shocking!
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KayBee said...

Nola just beat 'RSV' last week. She had much the same look.

Poor babes.

M said...

Aww.. Poor baby. But the good news is, your kid officially has a mullet! Congrats!