Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Saturday was International for Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Unfortunately we were unable to celebrate on that exact day, but this is a pretty forgiving holiday so we celebrated it today! We actually had a pretty tame time of it and only offered 2 flavors of ice cream and 8 or so toppings. We did learn that cinnamon is quite good on vanilla (we will be trying this again) and garam masala is okay but has a slightly odd after taste if you add too much. We will be going back to curry powder and ice cream which was a delicious combination we picked up last year.

We were able to round up all the local Sullivans for todays extravaganza which definitely created a festive mood! Thank you folks for being willing to come over so early and share your morning!

ps. For those of you in State College who may feel left out, Tovina and I plan to help you celebrate this coming Saturday so don't worry!

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Molly said...

Well thank heavens you're coming to help. As you know I have trouble even managing breakfast for breakfast. I wouldn't even know where to begin with something like this.
Though, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't involve curry.